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The following is a copy of a sham Trac Beam/Dominion Home Warranty web site.

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Screen Enclosure Warranty Protection Service

Builders and Contractors

Now you can become one of Dominions Class C Members and benefit from steady volume, lead generation for future retail work, collective buying pricing, workers comp collective pricing, specialized engineering - all without adding to your advertising expenses!

We are the first and only Trac Beam Warranty Company.  We continually seek partnerships with licensed, qualified contractors. Consistently satisfied customers lead to increased call volumes – earning us our superior reputation for quality customer service, and more work for our Class C Members!

Class C Members with Dominion will experience:

  • Certified Trac Beam Engineering by Do Kim
  • More repeat business without added marketing expense
  • Better buying power from the Collective
  • Trac Beam cost from FEI & Town & Country
  • Reliable cash flow in times of need
  • An expanded customer base

To become a Class C Members with Dominion you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a licensed Contractor in  the trades you service
  • Carry $1,000,000 in General Liability Insurance
  • Provide proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance or a waiver thereof (if self employed)

Join our Class C Members today and benefit from the advantages of being an authorized Trac Beam Warranty Service Provider! Please complete our online application or call our Contractor Relations Department at 321-228-4052 for further details.