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The following is a copy of a sham Trac Beam/Dominion Home Warranty web site.

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Screen Enclosure Warranty Protection Service

We’ll protect your investment, while you enjoy your backyard.

At Dominion Warranty, we are committed to providing the best Screen Enclosure Protection, Service, and Value to each and every customer! 

A Screen Enclosure is one of the single largest investment that most people will make to their home, and the last thing that any home owner wants to deal with are costly repairs or replacement of damaged Screen Enclosures.

Dominion Warranty helps service and protects your screen enclosure expenses – beyond the provisions of standard home insurance policies - with our standard Dominion Screen Enclosure Warranty!

Whether you are the original owner or a buyer of the existing home.  A Screen Enclosure Warranty is a very affordable way to preserve peace of mind and to protect a very expensive asset! It is the type of investment that pays for itself … there is simply no substitute!