Trac Beam a/k/a Crap Beam


The following is a copy of a sham Trac Beam/Dominion Home Warranty web site.

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Screen Enclosure Warranty Protection Service

Trac Beam Systems

Pool Enclosure Collective is very proud to announce the most innovative product in the Pool Enclosure Industry in years.

The Trac Beam System is a revolutionary aluminum beam system specifically designed for the screen enclosure industry. Created in response to the large amount of downed screen enclosures using the old uncertified legacy beams, in the catastrophic hurricane season of 2004.

The Trac Beam System is made out of a totally new and different alloy than the old standard beam. It is at least 30% stronger than the old legacy beam. And it is the only beam in the state of Florida that has been tested by an accredited testing laboratory.

It is the only beam that has product approval from the state of Florida!

That means you get a much stronger and safer product for your dollar. It allows for the maximum span (fewer beams to block your view) and all of this for the same price.

It is available in both bronze and white.