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The following is a copy of a sham Trac Beam/Dominion Home Warranty web site.

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Screen Enclosure Warranty Protection Service

With a Dominion Screen Warranty Plan you can relax...You're covered!

HELP is only a phone call away! The benefits of a Dominion Screen Enclosure Warranty plan far outweigh the cost:
* One call or Email
* Priority scheduling form Certified Trac Beam Contractors!
* If we cant repair it, we replace it!
* Superior customer service
* Quick, efficient response time within 48 hours!
* Warranty Plan Fully Transferable!

The cost of a service plan is a small investment to make to preserve your peace of mind! The average cost of average Hurricane deductible can be up to 5% of the total value of the home, with today’s homes valued at about $250,000.00 and rising, you are looking at up to $12,500.00 of damages not covered by your home warranty coverage.  That can put serious dent in your wallet! 

By having the Dominion Screen Enclosure Warranty plan, you are just a service call away, and we handle the rest. Remember, if we can’t repair it, we will replace it!

With Dominion Screen Enclosure Warranty, you will consistently receive quality coverage, professional repairs, and timely, courteous customer service. If we can’t repair it, we will replace it. So settle in and enjoy your pool or patio… knowing that you screen enclosure is protected and serviced by the Dominion Screen Enclosure Warranty contract. RELAX, we’ve got you covered!