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The following is a copy of the sham Trac Beam/Dominion Home Warranty.

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Extended Hurricane Warranty

     One major repair often ends up costing as much, or even more than the entire cost of A Trac Beam Extended Hurricane Warranty. As a consumer, you must know what you homeowners policy covers With the Trac Beam Extended Hurricane Warranty there are no Deductibles or Co pays ever and is FREE for the first year.  

    An extended   Hurricane warranty service contract is available only on new Trac Beam Screen Enclosures manufactured and installed by a Certified Trac Beam Contractor and must be acquired at time of the completed installation of a new Trac Beam Screen Enclosure original purchase. Or May be purchased sometime after completed installation, this may require a Trac Beam Damage Appraiser or an State Licensed Trac Beam Certified Engineer to inspect your Trac Beam Enclosure to insure the proper connections, if at that inspection there are connections, wind bracing, wall bracing, or other items that need to be added to meet the Trac Beam 140 MPH Hurricane Warranty the expense for these items will be that of the Trac Beam Enclosure Owner.

Know what's covered, and what's not covered, this contract covers Hurricane wind damage to any structural component of the Trac Beam Screen Enclosure due to Hurricane force winds, up to a category 3 Hurricane, or max Hurricane winds of 140 mph, as described and reported by NOAA, Components that are covered roof mansard Beams, Dome Roof beams. Gable Beams, peak Beams, half mansard beams, all upright beams, connection beams, roof Perlin, roof wind bracing, k bracing or other wall bracing chair rail, bottom rail doors, hinges, structural gutter, and any connection that appears on the original site specific engineering. Any Component deemed to be damaged from  Hurricane force winds by a Trac Beam damage appraiser or by A State Licensed Certified Trac Beam Engineer will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the Extended Hurricane warranty holder. In the event of any dispute all rulings by A Certified Trac Beam State Licensed Engineer will be the determining factor incase of any disagreement the Trac Beam contractor and the Trac Beam Extended Hurricane warranty holder agree concerning what is damaged the Certified Trac Beam State Licensed Engineers ruling will be final. Any Damage due to flying debris, neglect, falling trees or limbs Screen and spline the rubber component that holds the screen are not covered under this Trac Beam Extended Hurricane Warranty either written or implied. As a Track Bear Extended Hurricane Warranty holder this contract will serve to provide service by phone, email, or in person within 48 hours after a Hurricane has passed. All claims will be processed on a first come first serve basis; Claims Contact Number 1-877-886-2718 furthermore this Trac Beam Extended Hurricane Warranty provides certain provisions for the benefits of the Trac Beam Extended Warranty Holder, such as Priority Service on any repairs, locked in price for items not covered under This Trac Beam Extended Hurricane Warranty namely Screen or Spline, replacement for the life of this contract screen price $1.25 per square foot for all labor and material, Any and All Repairs, inspections, changes, to any Trac Beam Enclosure that has a Track Beam Extended Hurricane Warranty, must be done by a Certified Trac Beam Contractor, or  this Trac Beam Extended Hurricane Warranty will be Void.

Additionally, The Trac Beam Hurricane Extended Warranty will be renewable automatically each year on the anniversary of the Trac Beam Screen Enclosure installation completion date ____/____/____ and will be a cost of $_____per year for 5 consecutive years from the original Trac Beam Screen Enclosure completion date, this extended Trac Beam Hurricane Warranty is transferable in the event the home where the Trac Beam Screen Enclosure is installed is sold.

Additionally, A Trac Beam Screen Enclosure inspector on or before your anniversary date will provide a Complete inspection of your Trac Beam Screen Enclosure, to inspect all connections, components and the quality of all screws nuts and bolts that may have been used in the Installation of your Trac Beam Screen Enclosure, in the event the inspector finds sub standard connections your Trac beam Screen Enclosure contractor will replace, add, change at no cost to the Trac Beam Extended Hurricane Warranty holder. However if there is evidence of damage to connections, screws, nuts, bolts or other components due to corrosion, miss use, or abuse the Track Beam Screen Enclosure Warranty holder will be billed for such components and labor to insure the Trac Beam Screen Enclosure is up to Trac Beam standards to withstand A Category 3 140 MPH Hurricane as described by NOAA  

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