Crap Beam a/k/a Trac Beamô


The following is the product approval for the 8LB Trac Beam.

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FL # FL9328
Application Type New
Code Version 2004
Application Status Approved
Product Manufacturer Pool Enclosure Collective, LLC
Address/Phone/Email PO Box 10039
Tampa, FL 33679
(813) 857-9955
Authorized Signature Vivian Wright
Technical Representative
Quality Assurance Representative
Category Structural Components
Subcategory Products Introduced as a Result of New Technology
Compliance Method Evaluation Report from a Florida Registered Architect or a Licensed Florida Professional Engineer
Evaluation Report - Hardcopy Received
Florida Engineer or Architect Name who developed the Evaluation Report Wendell W. Haney
Florida License PE-54158
Quality Assurance Entity PFS Corporation
Validated By L.F. Schmidt, P.E.
Certificate of Independence FL9328_R0_COI_Certificate of Independence.pdf
Referenced Standard and Year (of Standard)
Standard Year
Accepted Engineering Practice 2004
ASTM E529 2004
Equivalence of Product Standards
Certified By


Sections from the Code

Product Approval Method Method 1 Option D
Date Submitted 07/31/2007
Date Validated 08/08/2007
Date Pending FBC Approval 08/09/2007
Date Approved 08/21/2007
Summary of Products
FL # Model, Number or Name Description
9328.1 "SMB" 2" x 8" Trac Self Mating Beams - Extruded Aluminum
Limits of Use
 Approved for use in HVHZ: Yes
 Approved for use outside HVHZ: Yes
 Impact Resistant: N/A
 Design Pressure: N/A
 Other: See Drawing INST 9328.1 and EVAL 9328.1 for additional use limitations.
Installation Instructions
 FL9328_R0_II_INST 9328.1.pdf
 Verified By: Wendell W. Haney, P.E. 54158
Evaluation Reports
 FL9328_R0_AE_EVAL 9328.1.pdf

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